I Had Rather Die - Rape in the Civil War

I Had Rather Die - Rape in the Civil War More...
The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist

The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist tells about a mysterious 21st century traveler seemingly from Colonial Jamestown. More...
Whispers from the Grave

Whispers from the Grave is a Civil War ghost story set on a secluded Virginia plantation. More...
Whispers Through Time

Whispers Through Time is the sequel to Whispers from the Grave More...
Promise & Honor

Promise & Honor is a romantic historical novel, set in Virginia during the US Civil War. More...
Honor & Glory

Honor & Glory is the much anticipated sequel to Promise & Honor. More...
Glory & Promise

Glory & Promise is the triumphant Conclusion to the Promise & Honor trilogy. More...
[Kim's Page] A little about the Author...

Kim Murphy's current release The Dreaming: Walks Through Mist is a mix of the modern and a 17th-century witch trial (Virginia, not Salem!). Her Civil War ghost stories, Whispers from the Grave and Whispers Through Time, have won several awards, including ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award, an IPPY (Independent Publisher Book awards), as well a nomination for RT Reviewer's Choice award. Her debut novel, Promise & Honor, was a finalist in ForeWord's awards. Set during the U.S. Civil War, it focuses on the hardships of the civilians. The sequel, Honor & Glory, won ForeWord's Bronze Award in Historical Fiction, and the final book in the trilogy, Glory & Promise, was a Library of Virginia Literary Award nominee. Currently, Kim is finishing up her first nonfiction title, I Had Rather Die: Rape in the Civil War, and working on a sequel to The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist.

For the past twenty years, she has lived in Virginia, absorbing the scenery, rich culture, and history of the area. When she's not researching, attending author events, or writing, she can be found hiking with her Belgian sheepdogs, Saber and Phoebe (they are below on the left, Saber at the far left). Although Saber is quite different from the Belgian in Whispers from the Grave, he was named after the dog in the book. Her previous Belgians, Magic and Mystic, died in 2005 after brave battles with serious illnesses. That's Magic third from the left below; Mystic is to his right. Kim also has a grown son, four birds, and there's a husband around here somewhere who likes to play with web pages, Linux, the GIMP and so on.

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